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If you are looking to implement soil erosion and control solutions for your property, trust the knowledgeable experts at Emcar Environmental Solutions, LLC. Our team has over 20 years of experience designing and installing effective erosion control systems for all types of properties. We are dedicated to providing our customers with what they need to improve their land in a manner that preserves and protects the environment.

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How to Control Soil Erosion on Your Property

Erosion is a process of the gradual damaging of soil, primarily caused by water, ice, and wind. In an effort to slow down erosion, various methods of erosion control have been developed. These methods can be divided into three main categories: Organic based, inorganic based, and vehicular. Organic control involves the use of plants to limit the deterioration of the land. Inorganic methods use man-made materials to control erosion. Vehicular methods use equipment to alter the landscape to protect it from erosion.

Common soil erosion techniques being used today include:

  • Terracing – Forming stairs or terraces in steep and hilly areas prevents water from gathering in large powerful streams that erode the soil
  • Contour plowing – Plowing that follows the lines of the natural landscape, which creates trenches to slow down waterflow and prevent large streams from forming
  • Mulching – Covering bare patches of soil with wood chips, shredded bark, and other mulching materials can protect the soil from water and keep it in place
  • Fencing – Installing fences that are specially made for erosion control can prevent soil from being washed away into lakes and rivers
  • Erosion blankets – Placing a mat composed of fibers held together by synthetic or biodegradable netting to prevent erosion in channels and on slopes
  • Reforestation – Planting trees so their roots can hold soil together and protect it from wind gusts and streams of water
  • Overseeding – Overseeding a lawn can increase root density that can help hold soil and water in place
  • Rain gardens – Planting a rain garden can catch and control water as it moves downhill, cutting down on soil loss from erosion

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